The Undead Heart

First novel in The Blood Thirst Series

Please excuse the format in the first chapter of The Undead Heart. I promises that the format in the novel is correct. Thank you for your understanding. T.J.

Rebecca Stockdale had enough issues in her life; parents that hated her for the strange abilities that she had been born with, she was about to move away from her sister and only friend, Bev, and she had had a really bad date that would change her forever.
Just when she was about to escape the drama that she had always lived in, Richard, a vampyre, walked into her life and shattered her reality with one request; travel back in time to 1888 to stop a psychopathic vampyre bent on revenge and save the family she never knew she had.
She would be joined on her journey by a band of vampyre hunters. Hunters who, centuries ago, had vowed to slay all vampyres. A vow they set aside to protect the family that they had come to love, knowing that the outcome of that decision would be an eventual battle. A battle of decapitation and blood; a battle they may not survive.
She was leaving a life she would kill to get away from for a family she would gladly die to protect, but could she do it? Could she make it back alive? Did she possess the strength and courage it would take to change the past and save their future?
She was about to find out.  for $18.99 (on sale now for $13.67) 

Also available as an ebook download at 
for $6.99. If you don't have a kindle handheld device you can take advantage of Amazons free kindle ebook reader PC download available for Mac and Windows.


{The Undead Heart contains sex, violence and adult language. Though The Undead Heart is not an erotica novel, parental discretion is advised}


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